Whenever I’m on vacation, I always try to find the best bookish places I can find. While camping in the Burgundy, a beautiful area of France, I visited the city of Beaune. Although there’s not a lot to do if you fancy books, there are still some things.

Great collection of old books at Le Musée du Livre

Le Musée du Livre – Avenue de la République 7
Unfortunately, this is not a real museum. It is however a very cute secondhand bookshop. They only sell French books, but the owner is a very gentle woman who is willing to talk French very calmly so you can understand it and practise your own French! Take a look at all the beautiful books, pictures and postcards, and maybe buy something yourself! I bought three great books by the poet Albert Samain, but she also had a limited, illustrated edition of the works of Paul Verlaine. So basically, heaven for bibliophiles.

The old library – Place Marey 11
Although this library is over 200 years old, it’s still being used! The collection is modern, so you can’t see cool 200-year-old books, but it’s nice to visit a place with such a long literary history. At the doorway there’s also a mini-library where you can leave books you’ve read and pick up books left by other people. And the amazing courtyard of the library is the perfect place to start reading your new book!

thumb chateau.JPG
Bussy-le-Grand: because the family who owns the castle still lives in it, I wasn’t allowed to take picture inside. But it means the library is still being used!

Castles – Rue du château 12, Bussy-le-Grand
The area of Burgundy is famous for it’s wine, mustard, and castles! Some of these castles still feature old libraries. I visited the castle of Bussy-le-Grand in Sully, which had a small library mainly focused on French military history, but feel with a bit of research I’m sure you can find a castle with a library that fits your taste.

Yard sales
As the area is pretty full of tourists, looking for that nostalgic, old, French feel, I stumbled upon some random yard sales and street sellers. This can be a great place to score beautiful old books, for example children’s books! So keep looking for those signs at the edge of the road!

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