In 2016, I read 79 books. I was able to read so many books because I was committed to a lot of books, either through study, or a book club, or my own resolutions. So for next year, I made sure I have a lot to read again.

Some of the books I’m reading for my thesis.

Books for studying
As a student of literary studies, I have a lot of required reading. The next semester, I am doing courses on South African literature, romantic Dutch literature, classical literature and books with a juridical theme. I am also writing my bachelor thesis about the representation of the bohemian in 19th century literature. In September I’ll be starting my master, probably in English literature, so I’ll have a lot to read for courses throughout the year. The great thing about reading for study is that you have a clear deadline to keep you motivated, and getting classes on the books makes them even more interesting!

My book club
I’m part of a book club at my student association, and we read a book every month. The first two months of 2017, we’re gonna read Tirza, by Grunberg, and Lolita, by Nabokov. Having a book club with friends is a good way to discover new books and get in touch with literature you normally wouldn’t read. And it’s also just really wonderful to have tea and cookies with friends and talk about books!

Books for my travels
Before any of my travels, I try to read books about the place I’m visiting. This year, I’ll definitely be visiting Paris in January, and Lissabon and Porto in April, and I’m saving money to make some more trips! I like to do this as a preparation for my trips, and feel this is a good way to discover new books. Of course I’ll be writing about these experiences!

The five Big Books I will be reading in 2017.

My five Big Books
Just like last year, I’ll be reading five Big Books. My house is filled with piles of books I have to read, and sometimes I just keep postponing some of the book ones because I’m afraid they’ll take up to much time. By committing myself to these five books, I make sure those piles shrink bit by bit. This year, they’ll be mostly historical novels.

Books for reviewing
I still write for Passionate Platform, reviewing Dutch literature. I like this very much, because it forces me to keep up to date about recent Dutch literature. I rarely buy Dutch literature, because I already have so many piles of books in my house. Also, books in The Netherlands have a fixed book price, so it’s a bit expensive.

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