A year or two ago, I deleted most of my social media – keeping only Goodreads and this blog. I felt like I was putting too much energy into things that don’t matter enough to me: I was getting into discussions on Twitter with people who were just disrespectful to me, I was looking at the world through an Instragramfilter to acquire likes and I spent so much time scrolling through feeds where nothing interesting happened. It was kind of scary to quit the media, especially since I’m active in the cultural sector and many events are promoted on social media, so I didn’t want to miss out on those. But once I got subscribed to the right newsletters I felt a relief: I was finally using my energy for the things that mattered to me.

But then the coronacrisis came along and it kind of makes me miss my socials. I miss the spontaeneous social interactions and knowing what is going on in peoples lives, now that I don’t see them in bars anymore. I’ve been putting quite some energy in redecorating my house, and I want to show it off. I like fashion, but there’s so little people I see to talk about whether a certain outfit works.

Luckily we seem to be getting closer to the end of the pandemic and once it’s safely possible again I’m going to host a wonderful cocktail party to catch up with everybody and show my house off to my friends.

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