Books are the best. My whole house is filled with them. I am very much convinced that you can never have too many books.

However, sometimes it is still necessary to get rid of some books, because you don’t have enough space and you’re never gonna read them anyways. Because they are not your style, or because you already have the book or whatever reason. Still, even with those books, I just can’t throw them away with the rest of my paper trash. It doesn’t feel respectful to the book, and I’m also always kind of afraid that one this edition might be the last one preserving this story, if I hadn’t thrown it away.

So what do I do with books I want to get rid of?

  1. I sell them
    This is such a huge win-win situation. I get more space for other books, I get money to buy other books, and someone else gets to enjoy my old book! It helps keeping the second hand book industry alive and I profit from that a lot.


  1. I donate them
    Sometimes second hand book shops don’t accept your books. Maybe they don’t think it will sell, maybe it’s not in that good a shape, or maybe they already have a ton of this title (this will happen when you try to sell anything by Dan Brown). However, charity organisations will most likely still love to receive your book!


  1. I do something creative with them
    Using a book for something creative might hurt the book, but I feel like this is okay, because if a book could talk it would surely encourage to develop your creativity. So maybe you can use old books for some cool artwork! Pinterest is full of lots of cool inspiration for things to do with your old books.

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